Company History

The Las Flores Water Company is a utility service which specializes in the treatment, maintenance and distribution of drinking water supplies and irrigation systems in central and northern Altadena, located just east of the Mountain View Cemetery. The company maintains two reservoirs and a well near the business office.

Las Flores Water Company, Inc. was organized in 1885 by charter members, Peter Gano and Dr. L. A. Wright. The original water source was located in Las Flores Canyon, an area at the top of Lake Avenue, just east of the Cobb Estate.

In 1881, prospectors mining for gold started tunneling in Las Flores Canyon. The tunnels extended into the mountain from about 400 to 600 feet, looking for gold. There was extensive gold prospecting between the years of 1886 to 1894. Instead of finding gold through the tunnels, they found water in underground springs. At times the water would flood the tunnels. The tunnels are still there today, but are sealed off so that no one has access to them. At times, the tunnel entries are covered and surrounded by large patches of poison oak. *

The shareholders are an integral part of the Las Flores Water Company. They number over 1,400 and are key to our success.

* Source: Altadena Historical Society

Board of Directors

John V Bednarski, President
Margaret de Beixedon, Vice-President
Mary Ann Spieth, Treasurer
Garry E. Bryant, Secretary
David A. Mosher, Director
William Kimberling, General Manager

Scheduled Meetings

Board Meeting Wednesday, January 23, 2019 Agenda
Board Meeting Wednesday, February 20, 2019 Agenda
Board Meeting Wednesday, March 18, 2019 at 5:00 PM Agenda
Annual Shareholder Meeting March 18, 2019 at 7:00 PM Agenda
Board Meeting April 15, 2019 Agenda
Board Meeting May 20, 2019 Agenda
Board Meeting June 17, 2019 Agenda
Board Meeting July 15, 2019 Agenda
Board Meeting September 16, 2019 Agenda
Board Meeting October 21, 2019 Agenda
Board Meeting November 18, 2019 Agenda
Board Meeting December 16, 2019 Agenda
 (Full schedule link. Meetings at LFWC Office at 5:00 PM, unless otherwise noted. Agenda posted by the end of business day prior to the meeting day.)

Reports and Documents

Articles of Incorporation
January 2019 Update Newsletter
Annual Water Quality Report - 2018
Capital Improvements Summary - 2018
Annual Financial Report - 2018
Violation Letter - September 6, 2018
January 2018 Update Newsletter
Annual Water Quality Report - 2017
Annual Financial Report - 2017
January 2017 Update Newsletter
Annual Water Quality Report - 2016
Drought Letter - 2015/2016
Annual Financial Report - 2015

Water Boundary Map