Water Service and Practices

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The following water use practices set forth by the State of California are now mandatory for Las Flores customers for the remainder of 2016:

Payment Options

Payments can be:

Water Rate Table

Tier Range Rate per Units Consumed
1 1 to 10 HCF $3.32
2 10.1 to 20 HCF $3.65
3 20.1 to 39 HCF $4.19
4 39.1 HCF and greater $5.24

Under the tiered approach, the first 10 HCF of monthly usage will be charged at the Tier 1 rate. One hundred cubic feet (HCF) is equivalent to 750 gallons. The second 10 HCF of monthly usage will be charged at the Tier 2 rate, and so forth. If you use 10 HCF or less, you will see an increase of less than $1.10 per month. If you use between 10.1 and 20 HCF, you will see an increase of $1.50 - $4.70 per month. If you use between 20.1 and 39 HCF, you will see an increase of $5.50 - $22.50 per month. Usage over 39 HCF will result in increases of $25 or more per month. The new rate structure is scheduled to go into effect beginning January 1, 2016.

Capital Improvement Program

The Company completed two major electrical projects in 2015. Our Poppyfield pump station has been upgraded by adding a second pump, and key electrical equipment has been replaced at the Sacramento site.

The Company completed a major pipeline upgrade in 2016 on Punahou Street. We replaced 1,400 linear feet of four-inch pipeline with six-inch cement lined and coated 10-gage steel pipe. We also installed 31 one-inch copper service connections and two fire hydrants.

In 2017, we are lanning to replace 1,200 linear feet of pipeline on Hill Street between New York Drive and Atchison Street, purchase an emergency generator, and replace a number of fire hydrants throughout our service area. For more information regarding news about your water company, please see the updates in January 2017 Newsletter.

More information is available in the Capital Improvement Summary report located in the Reports and Documents section of the Company page.